Stream App

Photo Management Client App Designed Specifically for NAS Users

Stream makes photo management easy and flexible. Designed for NAS users, it neatly combines all your photos from different sources so you can organize and control them in one app.

Stream works with photos stored on devices and Photoprism to give you one simple tool to view and manage your personal media libraries.

  1. unified photo management: Merge photos from Photoprism and local albums into a single streamlined gallery.
  2. natural language search: Use everyday language to effortlessly search and find your photos in your gallery.
  3. auto merging: Display identical photos from multiple sources together, streamlining your gallery.
  4. batch operations: Perform bulk actions across multiple sources quickly and efficiently.
  5. hassle-free switching: Leave Stream without worrying about your data; your photos remain untouched.
  1. Batch preview and manage photos from different sources, making photo organization simple and efficient.
  2. Use natural language search to quickly locate photos. Just input “beach vacation” and Stream instantly delivers the results.
  3. Act as a Photoprism client, utilizing Stream’s features to enhance your Photoprism experience.

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