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EasyChat: Your AI-Powered Assistant

Discover the power of AI with EasyChat, your personal assistant. With voice convenience, seamless interactions, and iOS/macOS support, your needs and interests are at your fingertips. Simplify your life with EasyChat today!

New Quick Action feature:

  • Quickly process text, supports translation, explanation, etc., customizable
  • Triggered by long-pressing the app icon on iOS, or through the Services menu/shortcut on macOS
  • Supports PopClip plugin (macOS)

Here are some of the ways you can use EasyChat:

  1. Study Aid: Simplify complex concepts, obtain historical insights, or find academic references.
  2. Social Media Wizard: Create compelling social media content that STANDS OUT.
  3. Writing Companion: Get inspiration and suggestions for your novels, reports, or emails.
  4. Business Ally: Plan meetings, gain market insights, and prepare impactful presentations.
  5. Language Partner: Practice new languages with simulations and translations.
  6. Gaming Advisor: Get help solving tricky game puzzles or crafting strategies.
  7. Role-Play Companion: Engage in role-play with historical figures or fictional characters.
  8. Health Guide: Receive basic health and fitness information (NOT a substitute for professional advice).
  9. Creativity Spark: Write a poem, come up with a painting concept, or get inspired for your next DIY project.
  10. Life Helper: Receive tips on cooking, home decor, or daily life tasks.
  11. Voice Interaction: Talk to EasyChat or let it speak to you, with our advanced voice recognition and output technology.
  12. Native Development: Enjoy superior interaction experience in EasyChat, designed with native development for smooth and intuitive use.
  13. Apple Ecosystem: Use EasyChat on the go or at your desk with full compatibility for both iOS and macOS.


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