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Revelations of AI: The Materialist Perspective

BackgroundFrom the very first day ChatGPT went online🌐, I rushed home from work to try it out, and I found myself chatting into the wee hours of the night. Although the earliest version wasn’t exactly a genius, it was already hinting at the future of Large Language Models (LLMs), and that night can only be described as a whirlwind of surprises🤩. I was so excited that I hardly slept💤 at all.

EasyChat App Help

  • On iOS: Long press the App Icon and choose to initiate a query from the clipboard.
  • On macOS, there are several ways:
    1. Through shortcut keys: Initiate a query from the clipboard content.
    2. Through the Services menu: Initiate a query from the currently selected text.
    3. Through PopClip: Initiate a query from the currently selected text.

EasyChat App

EasyChat: Your AI-Powered AssistantDiscover the power of AI with EasyChat, your personal assistant. With voice convenience, seamless interactions, and iOS/macOS support, your needs and interests are at your fingertips. Simplify your life with EasyChat today! New Quick Action feature: Quickly process text, supports translation, explanation, etc., customizable Triggered by long-pressing the app icon on iOS, or through the Services menu/shortcut on macOS Supports PopClip plugin (macOS) Here are some of the ways you can use EasyChat:

Stream App

Photo Management Client App Designed Specifically for NAS Users Stream makes photo management easy and flexible. Designed for NAS users, it neatly combines all your photos from different sources so you can organize and control them in one app. Stream works with photos stored on devices and Photoprism to give you one simple tool to view and manage your personal media libraries. Advantages of Stream unified photo management: Merge photos from Photoprism and local albums into a single streamlined gallery.

Stream App Help

Stream is a personal photo management tool designed for NAS users. It is just a management interface and does not store your photo data, so using Stream will not affect your original data. You can stop using Stream at any time without losing any data.